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Make Your Airbnb Thrive - 3 TIPS

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Nashville is a thriving city that more and more people are visiting every year. Short-term vacation rentals are getting popular year-round and Airbnb helps make that easy and convenient. Because of this, Airbnb is growing exponentially and offers an excellent

opportunity to increase economic growth for rentals. Below are a few tips on how to stand out from the crowd and make your Airbnb rental better for yourself and those who rent it.

Make the rental very easy to find.

Most travelers want to get to their accommodations with ease and no problems. Take the time to make this easy for them. In addition to having the address available for map apps, go the extra mile by also providing clear written directions in case technology is not available or malfunctions.

Provide personalized touches.

Providing an Airbnb rental offers many possibilities for adding personalized touches to the rental. One idea is to include a guest sign-in book, inviting renters to add a message in this ever-growing book that guests can read, offering a most interesting touch! Or place a cheese plate in the fridge with a welcome note. What traveler wouldn't like to have a snack after settling into their accommodations? Also, complimentary water bottles are very welcoming and these extra touches will likely leave a lasting impression on guests.

Be clear about additional fees.

No one likes to be charged for something they didn't agree to or know about. Make sure any fees you charge - such as for cleaning, pets or extra guests - are clearly written on the rental app so there are no surprises. Transparency ensures trust and trust helps you get recommendations and repeat guests.

Take time to think about what you have to offer to make your Airbnb stand out and it likely will. Be transparent and accommodating so your guests have no reason not to return and recommend!

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