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Extended Rental Management

What is an extended rental? An extended rental is simply a furnished home for rent at a minimum of 30 days. By only renting to guests for 30 days or longer each stay, you will gain the short-term revenue premium without the difficulties of having to attain a short-term rental permit. 

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In today's World, we have what seems like unlimited access to get eyes on rentals.



Using the best platforms and software, our teams focus where to put your investments to maximize the return you will receive.

Never collect a check with us. We send you a direct deposit by the 5th of each month.


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Collecting a physical check can be very inconvenient for your busy investor. That is precisely why we utilize direct deposit to get your revenue to you efficiently.

Screening tenants is a major part in preserving the integrity of rental property.


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Typically a tenant will have to submit a background check, credit check, and more to have the opportunity to rent one of our extended rentals.

Our company provides our investors with various choices on renting their property.



Many investors and property owners do not realize all of the options they may have when trying to capitalize on their rental investments. We can show you.


Our company's special niche is having the ability to generate premiums with furnished properties compared to traditional unfurnished leases.


If you choose the furnished strategy, you will incur additional expenses in the first stages of your investment. The trade off comes over time as your monthly income can be increased dramatically.

We are leaders in the short term industry and have the tools in our bag to flawlessly transition properties into this rental type.

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