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Green Hills Property Management

Green Hills is one of Nashville's most prestigious areas that has been around since the beginning and has many historic homes and manors. Green Hills is a prideful area and home to some of the best shopping with Green Hills Mall right in the middle of the area. 


Most homes in this area are luxurious old homes with big yards and a great upscale feel, if you have an income property in this area or maybe have thought about making extra cash with your property in this area let Lease Killers help you make the most from your Green Hills home.


Lease Killers has roots in Green Hills, as one of our owners lived in the area for quite some time and knows what the area has to offer. We can take your income property whatever it may be and get you a premium rental rate per night rather than being locked into a year lease with your tenant with a set monthly rate. Green Hills has many attractions and is very close to the downtown and midtown scene, let us make you more money with our short term luxury property management solution.

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