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STRP Permits

This information is directly from the metro government of Nashville's website.

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In Nashville and Davidson County, the law requires that anyone wishing to rent a property on Short Term Rental Property (STRP) websites such Airbnb and HomeAway MUST receive a permit from the Metro Codes Department prior to listing.

There are two types of STRP permits in Nashville: owner-occupied and non-owner occupied. New non-owner occupied STRP permits (often times investor owned properties) are only permitted in certain non-residentially zoned areas, as listed in the District Land Use Table (District Land Use Table PDF Version).

New Permit Requirements and Steps

Understanding permit requirements can reduce the amount of time and visits to the Codes Department required for obtaining a permit.

Rules for Operating an STRP

Once permitted, STRPs are required to follow certain rules, failure of which can result in the revocation of a permit.


Types of STRP Permits

Definitions and requirements for owner-occupied and non-owner occupied permits.

Remitting Taxes

STRP operators are required to remit business, sales and hotel occupancy taxes to the city and state. The Office of the Treasurer has detailed instructions on how to properly register and remain compliant.

Renewing a Permit

Permits MUST be renewed each year in order to stay in compliance with the law. Operating an STRP under an expired permit will result in a one year prohibition from obtaining a new permit.

Short Term Rental Data

Access analytical information about permits that have been issued in Metro Nashville. 

STRP Complaints

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County has established a hotline for reporting illegal short-term rental properties and for reporting noise, parking, trash and other nuisance complaints pertaining to specific short term rental properties. To file a report, go to: or you may call 435-STR-HELP (435-787-4357), 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All request for service / complaints related to short term rental property violations should be reported through this hotline. The Metro Department of Codes and Building Safety is required by Tennessee state law § 13-7-604(C) to inform you that any false complaints made against a short-term rental unit provider are punishable as perjury under TCA § 39-16-702.

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