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East Nashville Property Management

Lease Killers is an experienced property management service in the east Nashville as our owners are current residents of the very hot area. East Nashville is a unique area being that it is  right across the Cumberland river from all the downtown attractions but still keeps a very special local feel. 


East Nashville really shows the true meaning of Music City with its diverse music scene and not  just catering to the country music feel of Nashville. Lease killers will help you with your property management and maximize your short-term lease in the East Nashville area. This area gives guests many options of great eateries, bars, concert venues and easy access to downtown Nashville.


Average nightly prices for this are $180-$500 a night for the average home depending on special events. Prices can be higher for special events.This area has classic old Nashville feel to it that appeals to guests with a very homey feel to them with a short drive to the majority of the Nashville action. Let Lease Killers maximize your profits with our short term lease luxury property management.

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