Vacation Rentals in Nashville: Why Airbnbs Reign Supreme

September 25, 2018

When looking for vacation rentals in Nashville, there are two traditional options for vacationers: Airbnb options or hotels. While hotels provide amenities like breakfast, pools, and plush beds, Nashville Airbnbs offer something less tangible: Music City's most authentic vacation experiences. 

By staying in someone's home, whether as a guest in a room or renting the entire house, vacationers have the opportunity to truly feel what it's like as a resident in Nashville.



"Check in is at 4 p.m." This common refrain from hotels can be stifling and stressful—adding unneeded pressure to the traveling experience. Airbnbs are often much more flexible arrival and departure times, which is great for travelers constantly on the go. Parking is usually much simpler, sometimes with private spaces that are safer for your car and belongings, and there's no legitimate and exhausting check in and check out process. 


While hotels look the same despite the city or area of town, each Nashville Airbnb is designed to a certain taste, giving guests the opportunity to truly pick their experience. This is a great option for vacationers who have a certain aesthetic they prefer. Some Nashville offerings are "cozy and cute" while others are hip downtown lofts with excellent skyline views and location. Want to stay in Johnny Cash's old Midtown apartment? There's even an Airbnb for that. Are you more of a treehouse person? There's one for you in Nashville. No matter the Nashville vacation—Airbnb has a home that fits your personality and budget.


Most importantly, staying in an Airbnb gives guests the opportunity to find a location that best fits the vibe of their vacation. Where a majority of hotels over populate the downtown area, Airbnb's are located all across the city. If you want to stay near the action, finding a home in downtown or The Gulch will give you front-row access to some of the best parties in the city. For a more relaxed vacation away from tourists, staying in the 8th Avenue South neighborhood will give you a different look at the city.

Added bonus: No matter where you stay, homeowners can be an excellent resource; if looking for the best brunch around the corner or how to best get from point A to B, homeowners are often eager to share.


Instead of just getting a hotel bedroom with a coffee maker (often at much steeper expensive price) Airbnbs offer a variety options based on what guests want and usually at a more reasonable price. In Nashville, vacationers can rent an entire house through Airbnb for the same price as a single hotel room—which is a great opportunity for large groups, like bachelor and bachelorette parties, to be able to stay together.

The amenities may not be a pool or jacuzzi tub, but Airbnbs have their own unbeatable benefits. Whether you're staying in a private room or have the whole house, the kitchen area in an Airbnb is a huge added value—giving you the space needed to save your leftovers, cook breakfast, or stay in for pizza and wine. 

With the immense options available when choosing an Airbnb, finding vacation rentals in Nashville is no longer the traditional headache (and budget-breaker) that it once was. Now, it's an added adventure designed to fit your own personality. 



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