5 Reasons Nashville Visitors Should Choose A Vacation Rental Over A Hotel

May 19, 2018

When you're visiting Nashville, you may be tempted to check into one of their hotels. However, that's probably one of the worst choices you can make. Instead, consider a vacation rental. Vacation rentals give you more choices, and you'll have fewer restrictions to follow. We have compiled a list of five reasons you should choose a vacation rental for your trip to Nashville. 


You'll have more space to relax - Hotel rooms are tiny, in fact, the average is only 325 square feet. On the other hand, you can find a vacation rental in just about any size you'd like.


Most of the time, you'll be able to find a rental in any location you desire - You'll mostly only find hotels in select areas of Nashville. With an Airbnb, you can find a rental in almost any location. 


You'll have more privacy in an Airbnb than you would a hotel - With a vacation rental, you're in your own space. No awkward encounters with other hotel guests. Plus, some rentals even have extra amenities, such as pools, that you'll enjoy all for yourself.


Your entire group can stay together - As we said, hotel rooms are pretty tiny. If you are in a hotel, your group will likely have to split up into multiple rooms. With vacation rentals, everyone can stay in the same place. 


Vacation rentals are the more economical choice - Vacation rentals are much cheaper than hotels. You'll also avoid a bunch of hidden fees and charges. Not to mention, many vacation rentals offer money-saving amenities such as a free laundry, free parking, and access to a kitchen, which you wouldn't get in a hotel room. 


For those visiting Nashville, hotels just don't make sense. Vacation rentals are the smarter choice. With benefits such as increased privacy and more amenities, it's no surprise at all that Airbnbs are growing in popularity.

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