Convert Your Rental Into A Nashville Airbnb

July 21, 2016

 Nashville continues to gain credibility as the new “it” city everyday it seems. This unique city is attracting people from all over the world not just the United States and leaving nothing but great memories in the wake of its steady visitors. It’s beginning to be common to discuss the  growth of the city and how much opportunity lies beneath the very feet you stand on in Nashville. The real estate in music city is becoming a precious commodity and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 


Obviously to our readers, or anyone reading this for that matter, this is something many of you know all too well and are probably sick of hearing it. You may think to yourself “How can I come out ahead buying into this high priced market?” The answer is simple, gain monthly cash flow from you property at a premium rate.


Nashville Airbnb & VRBOs are on fire around city because of the shortage of hotel rooms to accommodate the flood of tourism in this city. Many times things such as Airbnb or VRBO get overlooked as genuine sources of revenue for your property, but the landlords of Nashville need to wake up and smell the money that’s being placed in front of you if you own a qualifying property in this city. Downtown hotels are outrageous when it comes to pricing right now. Think of it as the wild west when it comes to pricing rooms in this city, small supply with great demand year round. 


Landlords that own multiple properties are still skittish to completely convert their long term rentals into short term rentals since there is no guarantee on monthly revenue and this concepts is still new to the public. This article is specifically to let those people know that they are seriously missing out on major profits that can be given to you without having to collect, yes I said it… no more collecting from tenants.  How much easier can it get for property investors now? You are given a premium price per night and getting a guaranteed form of payment.  As for the guarantee, this city shows no sign of slowing down. Start thinking about the Nashville Airbnb and VRBO model on your property immediately, you’ll thank me later.  


Our Airbnb property management company has a smooth, turn-key process that is dominating our local market. Our vacation rental team is committed to ensuring your property is a success.

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