Airbnb Changing the Game for Nashville Property Management

May 12, 2016

What is this Airbnb thing everyone keeps talking about? This is the question that could be the beginning of something so big that companies such as Uber come to mind. You may be thinking what do you mean Uber? I call out Uber in regards to Airbnb because it has a strong resemblance to the company who has taken over the conventional smelly taxi game with a simple mobile platform. I believe its a combination of the simplicity,convenience and reputation of Uber that has made it a new phenomenon. Airbnb has these same characteristics which is why I see it changing the rental game all together.


I didn't know much about Airbnb until I actually gave it a try myself. I couldn't believe how easy it was to understand and find a place to rent. Its user friendly interface allows you to surf the site with ease

and find what you are looking for quickly. Its not like most online sites that leave you wondering if you checked the right box. Airbnb has figured out how to make a potential tenant's online experience a pleasurable one. This shared experience between company and customer has become cohesive with one needing the other. This is the same model Uber has utilized with the taxi game.


When it comes to making me happy convenience is always close to being my number one priority. I was online one night looking for an affordable place to to stay in Nashville but couldn't find one hotel room in the city limits that was less than four hundred bucks a night. This seems to be a real problem in the music city which has become the number one weekend destination in the country. This problem isn't going to get any better any time soon which is why Airbnb has become a real option for people coming to Nashville. I was so exhausted looking through all the big online booking sites for a room that I said screw it I am going to check out Airbnb.


I found a house right in the action of downtown Nashville for half of the price a hotel would have cost me. For me it was a no brainer. I have parking, a yard, multiple rooms and a kitchen within walking distance of downtown. So I quickly booked it and got my confirmation.


Before I actually used Airbnb myself I had only heard random things about it that weren't very creditable. It made me hesitant to give the online short term rental platform a try. Like most people it was more necessity than anything that drove me to give Airbnb a shot. Since I didn't know much about it and had these random preconceptions of things I had heard it was up to Airbnb to get my business.


I started looking through the user reviews and the more I read I realized other people had the same hesitation as me which made me instantly feel more comfortable with the online rental share site. By the time I got to the bottom of the page of reviews I had made up my decision to make my first Airbnb booking. It has now turned me into a full blown Airbnb advocate. I should be a salesman for this cool and trendy new way for people to connect and enjoy new places. It's not just us that think the Nashville real estate market is on fire, Nashville contractors are agreeing. One big trend we are seeing is the major emergence of stained concrete, polished concrete, and epoxy coatings in Nashville


When looking at how fast Airbnb has come on the scene it is hard to ignore. The future is not clear but if Airbnb continues to innovate as others stand back and watch we could see it become the next Uber in no time. I am not one who is quick to judge something I have not experienced myself. Airbnb was an experience that showed me the light.


As we as consumers learn to be more self reliant with apps and other online platforms like Airbnb we force the market to innovate. These big online booking giants better start scrambling if they're not already. Airbnb is growing and its here to stay.


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