Please use this form to submit your requests for an advertising campaign with Google Adwords. This information will be used to frame the scope of your Google ad(s).


Please note that your budget will be taken out of your monthly revenue.


1) Will I have to pay for this?

Yes, we will take this out of your monthly revenue.

2) How Will I Know If It Is Working?

Airbnb does not offer Google Analytics on their platform, but we can measure how many clicks your ad receives and how many times it was viewed. Also, you will have to measure by bookings received only.

3) Will I Receive A Report On My Ad(s) Performance?

Yes! We can send you a quick overall performance consisting of clicks, impressions, click-through-ratio, avg CPC, and total cost. 

4) Is There Any Additional Costs For Managing This?

No! We will only charge you for the amount of money spent. It is our goal to create as much momentum for your investments as possible.

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