Downtown Nashville is one of the nation's hottest travel destinations and it is only getting better. This area of Nashville speaks for itself with everything it has to offer. Guests can be in walking distance from restaurants, concerts, bars, football games, baseball and hockey games the list goes on. Lease Killers can get the most from your downtown vicinity rental property with short-term leasing. 


Along with The Gulch the downtown area will be where most of our short term lease clients will be wanting to stay. If you have a nice luxury rental property in this area the Lease Killer property management solution could double your rental income. 

The average nightly price for this area ranges from $400-1200 a night in these areas depending on special events in the area. Lease Killers downtown property management could take full advantage of these prices for you with short term leases on your property. 


Don't be stuck with one price for the whole month when you can use Lease Killers to take advantage of daily rates of your downtown vicinity property. 

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